Web Design/Software

Winner of the 2010 NTT/Verio Innovative Solution Award, Bulkymailer is a software package developed by our web division just to support The Self Reliance Project. We have a limited number of these packages available, so press the Contact button above and send us a message to check on availability.

  • A Complete, Full Service Webserver
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Dedicated Domain Name
  • Multiple Authors
  • Scalable Plans, Expand Your Needs as You Grow
  • Template Builder to easily put your newsletter and campaign together
  • Create and Manage Your Own Emails for all Domains
Newsletter Statistics
  • Track Who Opens Your Email
  • Track Bad Emails, Will Automatically Adjust Your Lists
  • Track Hits on all Your Email Links
Newsletter Features
  • Import CSV Lists
  • Integrate with Twitter, Facebook etc;
  • Extensive Database Backup
  • Break Lists By Groups and Categories to Help You Target Your Campaigns
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