2010 – Present

In 2010 Jakki and I split up and Ric, my 2 boys and I all moved into a house in Sacramento where Ric and I strted The Self Reliance Project to put a face to the ever growing Benefit Concert series. Ric started helping me with the web company and we were pulling in enough business to allow us to fund it.

We started putting on some large concerts but John, Ric and I were beoming increasingly disiluusioned with the charities we were involved with. We were trying to feed kids, everybody else was concerned with how much money they could make.

When John first started doing these benefits, I had no idea the depth of the hunger problem in America, it didn’t take too long to see it. John and I delivered a truckload of food to someplace. There were several familiesd there and I remember handing a loaf of bread to a 6 or 7 year old girl. and she looked up at me to say thank you and I thought she was going to cry.

The percentage of kids that go to bed hungry in this country is the same as it was 20 years ago! We spend billions on war, billions on polotics and just waste trillions and we can’t even feed our own kids? Or give them shelter? I don’t care how screwed up the parents are, this is unacceptible.

I was feeling the benefits were not going as well as I wanted.. Oh sure, we were getting lots of food to donate, but I had serious doubts the food was going to who we thought it was going to. I was sitting in my office and jokingly asked what ever power had invaded my life to give me some guidence.

That very second, the implant ‘Went off". This time it wasn’t painful like the first one, in fact whent I first felt it I stood up startled. It was a pulsing that started from my shin where the implant is and pulsed through my whole body ending in my head at a fairly quick rate but it was slow enough to feel it move.

Well I wasn’t sure what that was and I took a step towards the door and it did it again, exactly like what had just happened. Another step, it went off a third time and I stopped and as soon as the pulse from the third one ended it did number 4. Then nothing.

Well, what did I think of this? I thought I had gone frikken nuts. Unlike most of the other stories I had no witness so I didn’t say anything about it but it did startle me. I know I think it happened but whether it was real or not I had no idea.

I went in the living room and Ric and I took off to the store. On the way there we started talking about The Self Reliance Project (TSRP). We were coming up with idea after idea by the time we got to the store.

As we were walking in I felt this sharp pain in my right leg and when I rolled up my pants I had a bleeding claw mark on the leg, the actual photo is the picture in this section.

I grabbed a paper towel and cleaned it up but Ric and I were more interested in the plan we were starting to form. For the next month and 1/2 we worked heavily on the plan and we came up with something we thought was brilliant.

In 2010 Ric and I started to contact various UFO and Paranormal Organizations and found what they did best was talk about how important they are and ‘Hey!’ lets charge people to go over the same cases that they had nothing to do with the investigation.

I did however make a really good friend. Brian Vike was an investigator in British Columbia, he’s retired now, but we became friends many years ago and continues to this day,

I also have a good relationship with Jeff Rense, who by the way lived right by where the pine tree caught on fire on the first critter night. We discovered that while he was interviewing us one night.

I hear a lot negative about Stanton Friedman but I found him easy to talk to and he answered his phone and spent 1/2 hour giving me advise.

I also became friends with Jack Weiner and his brother Jim as well as Ray Fowler who investigated their case. It happened just a few months after the critter and had some parts that mirrored ours. Heres a video, its worth a view.

The Allegash Abductions

Ric saw a TV show one night in 2011 and it had something that sounded a lot lije The Crutter. not exactly but closer than anything I’d heard. I got hold of Jake and he sent me the full recordings he made.

I also talked to Jake’s wife and I was pretty convinced it was the critter. This incident really affected them and they have gotten out of the paranormal field but here’s a video of the TV show. About 12 minutes in you can here the critter.

Demonic Seduction

On New Years Eve, 2013 my youngest som and I went down to the store where my step daughter worked. She was at her boyfriend in Oregon but we knew the people working there.

As we were checking out one of the guys came running in and wanted us to check out the sky. My son and I grabbed our bags and went out to the parking lot.

In the sky, 500 to 1000 feet high. were several orange orbs moving about the sky. As I started to wach they would form geometric patterns We watched them for awhile, they were moving in a strange way, and then they all left to the north.

We drove home and told my stepson about it and he went out back and after a couple of minutes he yelled at my son and I to come out back. Over in the general direction of the store there were 4 or 5 orbs only now they were making an arcing path and then they flew off to the morth.

The last one swung around and at real high speed (much faster than the others) and it disappeared. These were seen by thousands of people all over California and if you click on the link below, you can see a few article about it.

Orange Orbs Over California – New Years Eve 2013

The next day we found some video on the internet about what we’d seen so we talked about it some and then I got busy on work.

I had a lot going on that day and was really busy but I kept noticing I had these songs stuck in my head. It was just the beginning of the songs and I didn’t recognize them.

Music had become a large part of my life since the 70’s, I always was in a band. I did a lot of work in the computer field but music was my first love.

Remember, I showed no musical intrest or talent until I was about 16 and even then I could barely play guitar and didn’t sing at all. Then overnight after I got sick I was a good front man and had people asking me for my autograph at gigs and in restaurants.

I had always questioned how I wrote my songs, some of them seemed to write themselves others I had to work at. I suddenly had a hunch that those songs stuck in my head might be new songs. I grabbed my guitar and I played a chord progression that seemed to fit, turned on my recorder and the following clip is my first take…

Demo with Jacqueline

Not a bad song. I played it for a few people and they liked it. I didn’t write it. What’s more, I new I didn’t write it. The other 2 songs made me work on them a bit but I did a first take recording of those 2 also.

I just threw this in here but I have no idea what’s true. I’ve talked to some musicians who insist that a paranormal occurance triggered their talant and I seiously have to say I’m kinda leaning that way.

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