1990 – 2009

The 80’s ended and Viv and I decided to call it quits and we moved to the foothills near Sacramento and I got with a couple of guys and we formed a band and started playing all over Northern California.

It started with my daughter in 1995. We were living in Shingle Springs and it had these small, widning roads and she and a friend and her were walking down the road and a white volleyball sized orb sundenly started coming toward them, passed between them and soared off into the forest. She came running inside and told me all about it and I went outside but saw nothing.

I had a new girlfriend (Jakki, yeah I know, nobody I know spells their name right) and Jakki and I left about 11:00 pm to pick up my daughter from a babysitting job out in the boonies. It was a small winding road surrounded by trees and after driving awhile, we came around a corner and were in a big clearing with no trees on either side of the road.

A large green object shot through the sky going from right in front of the truck over the the road then made a shrp left turn and shot towards the ground maybe 200 feet from us. It got down to maybe 50 feet from the dround and it started melting, it was like neon green liquid falling from it. It seemed to have a smaller central part which continued on from the melting in the sky and went straight down to the ground where it disappeared behind a hill.

It startled us and I actually stopped the car as far off the road I could, and rolled down the window, sure that something crashed. All was quiet and we couldn’t see or hear anything and eventually cotinued on. We told my daughter about it and watched closely as we drove back and saw nothing and I’m not even sure we knew where the spot was.

A few days later I saw the strangest thing I’ve ever seen to this day (even the entites in the liquid light). Jakki and I were coming home from a gig one night about 10 pm going down the freeway and we came to this big grade and started going up the hill.

There were quite a few cars and Jakki startted yelling about this huge white owl that came over our car and passed us. I diidn’t see it so we both were looking out the front window to see if we could see it. The way the grade was, the cars coming down on the other side were lighting up the area with their headlight..

At the same time Jakki said ‘What’s that’ I could see something moving fast down the hill reflecting in the headlights. It was about 10 feet off the ground and it looked like a man flying like superman and I could see the cape flapping, it was too dark to see the face.

It flew past us and I said "WTF was that" and Jakki started saying ‘It was a flying guy in a cape’. We talked it over and we saw the exact same thing, but I never saw the owl.

It was still 1995 and Jakki started telling me that all 3 clocks in the house kept changing, she couldn’t get the clocks to keep time. This went on for a couple of months and I saw it happen while I was home alone. The clocks would all of a sudden gain or lose 15 minutes sometimes an hour or more.

Jakki started telling me she was seeing something like the invisible alien in the Preditor movies but without the pixelation. This only happened for a short time and wasn’t that often but I could tell she was scared each time she saw it.

It would appear out on our back deck and seemed to slowly pass through the wood and disappear like it was going under the deck but I never saw it.

One night during this time, both my daughters were spending the night at different friends houses. In the early evening my yougest daughter called to tell me there were lights outside the house and she was scared. I talked to her for a bit untill they hadn’t seen the lights for awhile and calmed down. She said they saw small white lights moving around in the trees behind the house and sometimes they would tale off and disappear into the sky.

A short time later my older daughter called and she and her friends were seeing red, blue and white lights also in the trees on the property. We talked for a few and she left with some people to investigate it. She called me a short time later and said they went out to the woods but couldn’t see anything.

I went to sleep and was woken up by a blinding flash like a welders torch was turned on just above my head. I jumped out of bed, Jakki was asleep next to me, and I fell to the floor. I got shocked by 220 3 phase current before and my whole body had the same feeling my arm had when I had been shocked, and my body felt like it had been rammed by a hot poker.

Jakki didn’t wake up when I fell and I just layed on the floor trying to pull myself together. After quite awhile I finally started feeling somewhat better but I never could get to sleep, I was still feeling odd.

A few days passed and I got sick. My temperature ran 105 for a few days.
I hadn’t had anything worse than a mild cold for 19 years and suddenly I was sick again. I got well after a couple of weeks, I never went to a doctor I figured I hadn’t been sick in 2 decades I figured I’d get out of this on my own.

After I got well, everything changed about the band.
The band was starting to get some good gigs in Northern California. Our bass player John was playing rock star to the hilt and was doing some serious partying. One day he came into practice and announced he had found god and would no longer party. He actually stuck with this untill his death in 2015.

He was a well respected musician and got a bunch of Sacramento musicians to play at a benefit where people brought food to give to the food closets. It was a rousing success, they carted off 2 truckloads of food. He decided to do one to get kids coats for the winter and it too was successful.

I did a bunch of web work for some people and inherited a record company out of the deal. We started producing a few bands and used the money to put on food benefits for Sacramento and Placer counties. We did this for a few years and the benefts grew bigger and bigger.

After writing this all down, I was surprised that there was such a gap of anything paranormal happening between 1976 – 1995. It was surprising to me because whatever force we were dealing with seemed to rear it’s ugly head fairly often. It occured to me that I was equating the music with something paranormal. It took a few years but this was the beginning of change of thought process on what reality really is..

I started a web Development Company and that was my job from then on. The band was doing nothing but benefit concerts. we tried dealing with several charity organizations around Northern California, but we found them ALL to be more concerned with how much money they could make.

One day in 2003, Jakki came into my office, handed be a sheet of yellow legal paperm said "Write it" and the walked out of the room. I looked at the paper and it had one line written on it -"The darkness magnifies you fears".

It was a song. And I knew it. This was the first time I had noticed that I didn’t write this song, but somehow I knew the song. I new the chords, the lyrics even the backing vocals and bridge, and it was all suddenly in my mind.

Well that was a strange event. It acctually started me questioning whether I had any musical talent at all or if what I thought was real wasn’t. That song became one of our regular songs and was part of the set from then on.
We never released it. I’ve tried to record it twice and was never happy with the results, but you can get a general idea of the song from this take:


The only saving grace from this track is I got my favorite singer in the world, Jacqueline Lord, to help me with the vocals. :)

I had 2 boys by now and me and Jakki and the boys moved to Pollack Pines around 2008. It was a small town up in the mountains on the way to Lake Tahoe and getting out of society was a nice break.

The house in Pollack Pines was a 2 story built into a hill. The first night we moved in Jakki and the boys were downstairs and I was putting up our bed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and an apple box I had unpcked with a smaller boxtop sitting upside down in the apple box was near me on the floor..

Suddenly the smaller box started dancing fairly violently in side the apple box. We didn’t have central heating so there was no vent causing it. The room was shut up but I had the door to the deck open earlier, my thought was an animal had snuck in because it was bouncing around like there was an animal of some sort underneath it.

This went on for at least 30 seconds. I was sure it was an animal even though the only sound was the box inside moving around and I didn’t particularly want to stick my hand in there when it suddenly stopped. I just sat there and stared at it for a couple of minutes cause I was sure it was an animal and was going to start moving again.

There was still nothing moving so I reached over and got the broom, hooked the inside box and flipped it out. The box was empty. I checked the top of the box and spent the next 1/2 hour searching every other object in the room but never found anything..

A few months after we moved in, I had a conference call about a benefit we were putting on in Oklahoma early the next morning so I went to sleep on the couch in my office. Suddenly I was awoken by a bright light filling the room.

I jumped up and could see some lights shining from the outside on the curtain on one side of the room and at that moment my youngest son came running downstairs yelling something about lights outside. As quick as he ran down he went back upstairs and I could see the lighted up curtain still so I went to the window.

When The Critter beeped there was a split second where my brain couldn’t quite catch up with the reality of the moment and I had that same split second now. Wrapping around the trees outside was an energy ribbon that looked somewhat like the picture in this section.

It was about 3 feet tall and low to the ground and looked a lot like the liquid light when I encountered The Critter, this was moving much the same way but seemed to wrap completely around the house

I was looking out the window trying to comprehend what I was seeing when suddenly an electric shock enveloped my left leg. The moment it started I was thinking it was coming from that implant and the shock to my leg sent me to the floor, out of the window.

I got up quickly, my leg felt kind of weird but I was able to stand up and look out the window and it was completely dark. I ran upstairs and both my sons were asleep. Jakki told me they saw lights outside and he ran down to tell me, then came back up and he wanted to go down to Jakki’s dad because he had guns.

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