1975 – 1989

I only slept 2 or 3 hours and my alarm went off and I woke up and it was 7:00 am. Viv told me I was not going to work, I was staying there with her. I didn’t argue cause I was dead tired and felt like I hadn’t slept and I could tell she was still scared and didn’t want to be there alone.

My mother came in and ask if I could take her to work as her car wouldn’t start. I had Viv go downstairs where my dad had just come in from trying to start the car and told him if he’d sit with Viv I’d take my mother to work. The next day my dad and I went to get that car running and it started right up with no apparent problems.

It’s strange cause nobodies really talking about it. We all mention something strange happened but it wasn’t a big deal but I do remember Viv being scared all morning. When we got to Faye’s work. I went inside to pick something up and the other lady who worked there (Marge, I’d gone to school with her daughter) came up to us all excited and ask me if I’d seen the light over my house.

In an interview my mother said it was a neighbor of Marge’s that saw it but I remember hearing the story from Marge and it was her. She was going up Erbes about 8:00 and there were 2 or 3 cars parked on the side of the road and several people out of their cars looking up the hill. She slowed down and said a big white light as big as the house was hovering over our house. She saw it for a split second and it just disappeared.

My mother later told us Marge left work that day and called up and quit on Monday. The next Saturday she drove to some park off Gainsborough and shot herself in the head with a shotgun.

I got back home and my dad went to work and Viv and I went up to our room. I told her I wanted to go look around on the hill but it was a couple of hours before she felt safe enough to let me go. I went out the front door and walked up the side walk going to the drainage ditch running down the side of the second lot.

The drainage ditch went from the sidewalk and up the hill then makes a right turn and goes down the hill behind the other houses on the street. The fire department came out once or twice a year and cleared out the section running down the side of the pool lot.

I climbed up to the spot where I had last heard the scream before I fell asleep and confirmed there was no way to walk along that section behind the house where the screaming was, the purple sage had grown somewhat threw the wire fence we had up there and was completely impassable. That portion of the hill had been completely cleared of sagebrush and was covered in soft, 3 to 4 feet tall saw-grass.

Where the drainage ditch made a sharp right to go down the hill, right near the spot I heard the last scream, there were 2 large,8 foot, circles the one on the left seemed to be created first and the second one was a full circle lying on top of the second one so you could only really see the first one as a half circle. In 1975 you hadn’t really heard of crop circles but that was exactly what they looked like with the grass laid down counter-clockwise.

I looked around the whole area but found nothing else. The circles were about 20 feet from where the screaming was coming from when the fireballs hit the hill. I told everybody about the circles in the weeds and over the next day or two Ric, my dad and my mother all went up and saw them.

I went out into the backyard and checked around, even climbed up the hill and looked around but nothing. The dogs seemed normal when I let them out of the garage first thing in the morning and seemed normal now.

I went ahead and went inside and upstairs to my room. I was so tired I told Viv I was going to take a shower and try to wake up. I got into the shower and while cleaning myself i rubbed a washcloth down my left shin and there was an 1/8 of an inch protrusion under the skin.

It was oval shaped and half a sphere. My first thought was cancer and I thought that for awhile, but it never changed shape, so not much I could do. It was 35 or so years later when it went off for about 15 seconds, but I’ll get to that later.

We talked to everybody next door and they had heard nothing. I have no explanation because they should have, that thing was LOUD and they said they were home and never heard the phone ring. The next couple of days nothing happened and we really didn’t talk about it much and went back to our normal routines.

Remember I was the worlds worst artist? That was about to change. Ric went down and got the Sunday paper and came in my room to kick back. I got up and glanced at the floor and the comic section was on the floor and I could see how to draw them. I spent the whole day drawing cartoons and then started drawing freehand animals, it was so easy I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this before.

I looked at a squirrel outside and I knew how to draw it, pretty damn good. Ric seemed a little bumbed because he was the artist and we decided to do some more drawing after work tomorrow. I got home from work and grabbed my pad a paper and ran into a slight problem. How did I go from being able to draw anything I wanted to being able to draw nothing overnight? Well Ric had nothing to worry about as I’ve never drawn anything again.

The male German Sheppard *Spud short for Potato Head) went fast. He was 2 years old and really big and healthy but in the weeks following the incident, he lost control of his nervous system to the point he couldn’t function and was put to sleep. The vet said he had no idea what was wrong with him, he’d never seen anything like it. The female went blind (5 years old) over the next few months and we ended up having to put her to sleep.

The next few months my daughter Cynthia was born and all went well and she was a healthy, normal child. Right after Cynthia was born Ric, Viv and I moved to a house not far away.

It was Saturday and I got up and there were large black smudges going from both of Cynthia’s nostrils down to her upper lip and Viv and I had the same thing. It wiped off real easy and it didn’t happen to Ric, but I’ve seen the same effect on people who have gotten caught in a large fire and breathed in a lot of smoke.

I left to go over and help my dad for the afternoon and we did a few projects in the back yard. As I got ready to leave I told him I was going to go look at the circles on the hill (Ric and my mother and dad had gone up there and seen them after I told them about them). I walked up there and the circles were there just like I’d first seen them. I just kind of looked around and remembered that night and then went back home.

I went to bed that night and the next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital with a 105 degree temperature. I had only been sick 1 time after we quit getting those shots but I was sick now. They drug me in and out of the hospital and started drawing blood from me every day. They put me on different pills, said I had cancer and pulled me in for 2 days of tests. And blood. I was getting blood drawn continuously.

Then they said I didn’t have cancer but my liver was failing so back in the hospital for a couple of days for more tests. The only thing that was consistently said was that there was some anomalies in my blood work and I should not give blood to anybody. I was so sick for over 4 month, throwing up sometimes several times a day and total exhaustion.

I finally decided I’d had enough of the blood tests and pills because I was getting no better so I quit going to the doctor and stopped the pills. I started feeling better but it was 6 months or more until I started feeling decent but I never fully recovered from that.

In the months following the screaming my dad aged rapidly. He was only 45 and had no gray hair but his hair went gray and he just seemed to age 10 years real fast. I remember we were up at the pool one day and those thoughts going through my mind while looking at my dad.

He even went to the doctor for the first time in years and was given a clean bill of health. In August of 1977 he ran to first base in a company softball game, walked back to the bench and died of a massive heart attack.

Losing my dad was rough. He was never around when we were younger and the last few years we’d gotten to finally know him. When my daughter came he changed quite a bit, he loved playing grandpa and doted on her constantly. And then he was gone. It was quite the blow. And then Ric’s baby died out of nowhere from Sid’s so it was a sad time.

While I was starting to recover from being sick after the screams, I picked up a guitar and found I could play really well and even better I could now sing. Writing songs became easy, I just needed some emotion and one would pop out. I have recordings of over 100 songs and have written 3 or 4 times that many.

I formed a band and started doing quite well, We were playing all over L.A. and I was having a good break after working non-stop for a couple of years. I do have to say I was enjoying the L.A. music scene.

In 1982 I got a job with for a large company for myself and another guy to tear down this experimental non-impact printer they shipped from Chicago for us to salvage parts. The other guy (Chris) knew basic programming and he taught me some basics and we both learned binary programming and in a few short weeks we figured out it was a software problem and got it working. Well that caused a firestorm.

Suddenly we had all kinds of suits everywhere having us show them that it did indeed work. The tests were all good and they doubled the employees at the plant, stuck us all on 12 hour shifts 7 days a week and away we went. The printer was called ‘Majic’ and they even had Magic Johnson come in one day for a photo shoot. We kept up that work schedule for a year and a half.

We were getting paid overtime and I was a shift supervisor so we were getting paid well but we were being worked to death. They were so pleased with how much money this was making they decided they could make even more if it was in the Midwest so they fired everybody, offered Chris and I a chance to move to Green Bay (which we both declined) and closed the plant. They did give me a heck of a severance package so I had money and time to do what I wanted.

I had invented a computer terminal and my marketing manager set up an office in Westlake and we had franchises set up in Minnesota, Alaska, Louisiana and Thousand Oaks. I had also helped with some programming for a new Commodore Computer and had a deal in place with one of the top computer companies around.

My marketing manager was named Carl and Ric and I had told him about the critter (that’s what we called the screaming on the hill nuw) and I had been contacting many people in the UFO community.

One day I went into the office and Carl told me a UFO investigator wanted to talk to me. I said OK and carl said he’d set up an appointment and few days later Carl told me the UFO guy would meet me tomorrow at an office on the other side of the complex which was not far from our office.

The next day (Saturday) I walked over to his office (it was a travel agency) and I walked in. A guy in a brown suit greeted me and we sat down at a table and we talked about the story for a good hour. It’s strange but I can’t remember anything about his face, just the suit. He told me he wanted to look into it as he thought it was a great story, took my phone# and said he’d call me in a couple of days.

A couple of weeks went by and I asked Carl to call him and ask him how it was going (he was going to get police reports) and Carl said he couldn’t find the #. A couple of days later I walked over to the travel agency and I walked in and asked the two ladies for the guy (I cannot remember his name at all) and they told me they were the only 2 that had worked there since they opened it. I knew this was the place because I remember the travel posters and said I met him here a couple of weeks ago.

They said that was impossible cause they were closed for 2 weeks while they went on some cruise to Belize I think. Well what could I say? I walked out confused to say the least. Within the next 2 or 3 months Carl did nothing, didn’t help the distributors and quickly ran it into the ground. My contacts at Commodore were let go in some reshuffling and I eventually had to close the business.

As the 80’s came to an end I got a job with the Conejo Valley School District in 1986 and I had to go for a physical and they did a color blind test and I failed.

My mother worked at an optometrist office and I used do the test in the office and never had any problems seeing before but I was labeled completely colorblind. I went to an optometrist and he gave me the tests and I failed every test, I was told I was colorblind.

Only problem was that I could still see color. Red and Blue looked exactly the same as they always had but I I couldn’t pass any color blindness tests. Everybody I asked can see a number in the grapic in this section, I see nothing.

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