The Critter

We all got home from work the next day Ric and I went over in the horse field where the fireball had hit expecting to find something but the ground looked undisturbed. We went inside and ate dinner, then my folks sat in the living room to watch TV and the 3 of us went upstairs to do the same.

Around 7:00 my brother again said to turn down the TV (He always sat in a chair that we had next to that window) and immediately we heard the ‘scream’, only much closer. How do I describe ‘the scream’? It was about 2 or 3 seconds long. The first part of it sounded like a woman screaming hysterically at the top of her lungs but it quickly started having elements of pain or torture. I’ve looked for a long time for something like it and in the few cases I’ve found ‘a woman getting her throat ripped out’ is the most common description. And loud, louder than someone yelling as loud as they could.

Now it was loud and clear and in the hills behind the house about 150 feet away. We heard it scream 2 or 3 times and all three of us decided to go downstairs. Going down the stairs it struck me that I hadn’t heard the dogs. We had a 5 year old female and a 2 year old male German Sheppard who felt it was their job to bark and run off any creature in their area from bobcats to birds and I hadn’t heard them once so I turned left into the garage to get to the backyard and find out where the dogs were and Ric and Viv went right, into the living room.

I opened the back garage door (somewhat hesitant I might add). Usually at this point, I’m was bowled over by a lovable, but hyper, 120 pound male German Sheppard who’s favorite thing is to bound inside or in the garage and destroy everything in his tails path. But no dogs and then a scream up the hill to the left and I closed the door and headed inside.

My dad and Ric were at the front door going out as I came in so I followed them outside. They went down the driveway while I went over to the gate on the west side of the house to see if I could find the dogs. I rattled the gate, and still no dogs but I heard the scream again, at the edge of our property, about near the drainage ditch. I went back to the front of the house and could see Ric and dad standing on the sidewalk in front of the 2nd lot, looking up at the hill.

I saw Ric and dad flinch down and the scream was thunderous. By far, the loudest we had heard, and the house was blocking me and it was still loud. My dad and brother came running up the driveway, asking me if I’d seen the fireballs (which I hadn’t and where I was standing I should have seen them).

They said 2 blue/green/red fireballs about the same size of the one we saw last night came shooting over their heads and hit the hill and dissipated like the previous one but with green and orange colors mixed in. I had no doubt they had seen something as my dads eyes were real wide and it’s the only time in my life I saw my dad scared.

My mother and Viv were standing at the top of the driveway and all 5 of us went inside. I then tried to call RT next door, but nobody answered the phone. My Dad then decided to call the police and he reported a woman screaming up on our hill to the Thousand Oaks PD. I went out the back sliding door and found them in the doghouses which were on the side of the house next to a small fence.

We had a running joke about those dog houses because we got them but they would never go in them, even if it was pouring rain yet there they were. They didn’t seem overly scared but they were nervous and they wouldn’t come out even when I called them. We all went out front and wait for the police and you couldn’t hear the screams anymore.

It wasn’t long before a patrol car showed up and my dad and Ric went down the driveway and my dad somewhat told him what was going on (He was a Korean war vet so he wasn’t going to the unexplained just yet). The officer stayed for a while, shined his spotlight on the hill and of course not a peep.

Another police car arrived and he went up the street at the bottom of the hill (Marrow Ct.) and then went next door and asked if they had heard anything and they hadn’t. I was standing at the top of the driveway with Viv and my mother cause Viv was kind of shook up.

The second patrol joined the first at the top of the street and they talked to my dad and Ric for a few minutes and then they got in their cars and drove down the hill. My dad and Ric walked up the driveway and we all stood at the top of the driveway overlooking Erbes rd and watched the first squad car turn right on Erbes and head down the hill. The second car started to turn right also and just then it let out a loud scream from the area up on the hill between our house and the one next door.

My cousin Kim’s room was no more than 30 feet from where this thing was screaming and the police said they were home so I have no explanation how they didn’t hear it, the screaming was so loud. We all were stunned for a split second and we thought about calling the police again but figured they’d think we were crazy, especially if it quit screaming when they came again. In an interview Viv said this was the point she got really scared because stopping when the police arrived gave whatever was yelling a level of intelligence.

This was recorded by Robert Jacobs in 2010 and sounds a lot like the critter. Not exactly, but pretty cose.
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I told my dad we should get the dogs so we went out through the back sliding door and we each grabbed one by the collar and started dragging them toward the back garage door Ric had opened. They didn’t want to move but we got them into the garage. I heard the scream 2 or 3 times and I was only 30 feet or so away and it seemed to be moving back behind the other houses on the street and it was real loud. And real scary.

The dogs seemed fine after they got into the garage and they went in and laid down on some blankets we had out there. My dad, Ric & I went out the front door to check on the location of the screams and the backyard was too close. The screams had moved quite a distance down the hill and we last heard it down at the 3rd house from us then nothing. The three of us stayed out front waiting and listening for quite a while, probably at least an hour. I kept going in to check on Viv and she and my mom were sitting at the table talking about it.

Ric, my dad and I were just standing out front, my dad told us the following story. He was stationed at Sioux City Iowa, where he was trained as a radar technician. One night in 1952 the whole base went on alert suddenly and he was told there was an unknown object coming from the north. They got a radar reading that it was at 50000-80000 feet and traveling in excess of 1,200 mph. It went off the screen to the south, and everybody in the room was told to forget it even happened. He never told us about that before.

About 10 pm we hadn’t heard the screaming for over an hour so we all went inside and talked about it for awhile. Around 10:30 pm we decided it was gone so Viv, Ric and I went back upstairs and we all talked about what had happened but figured we’d just never know what it was.

We were talking and watching the TV for about an hour and Johnny Carson came on and Ric and I had work early tomorrow so we started talking about going to sleep. Ric suddenly jumped up out of the chair and went to the window saying ‘turn the TV down, I hear it’. I went to the window and sure enough I heard it scream from the hill at the back of the house.

When it was screaming it would scream and then be silent for 15 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes than scream again. It would scream then be silent then the next scream would be in a slightly different spot. It was moving quite slowly, just a few feet or so each time it screamed. I ran downstairs and yelled at my dad that it was back,

I remember him sitting in his chair and Johnny Carson was doing his monologue so it was between 11:30 and 12:00. They were always in bed by 12:30 – 1:00 on work nights and always watched Johnny Carson before bed. I turned around to go into my parents bathroom as the location I thought the screaming was coming from was probably best viewed from that window

I ran into Ric on the way up pushed past him and ran right into Viv who was also coming down the stairs. I got past Viv and rushed into the bathroom and opened up the window. There was silence for a second and then, about 30 feet from me and just about straight out to the hill from the window it let out a thunderous scream. And then it beeped.

This is the moment that the whole night took on a different meaning. It was 1975 and very few things beeped. Even fewer unknown animals screaming a scream from hell while walking behind our house and beeping each time it screamed were around I thought.

Another strange thing is that it was impossible for anything but a small squirrel to get through that purple sage because it was 4 or 5 feet tall and totally overgrown and no paths at all, just brush yet this thing was moving slowly and not making a sound. I remember my brain telling me it had to be floating and the scream sounded like it was above the Sagebrush.

I felt someone come in the bathroom behind me and I said ‘Did you hear that. it beeped’ and my dad answered ‘Ya I heard that’ and then silence and then a loud scream and it beeped again. Every time that thing screamed, it sent a chill up your spine and a flight or fight response, it’s hard to express the feeling of the fear we all had but it was deep at this point. My dad pushed me out of the way so he could get to the window, by this time all 5 of us were in the bathroom.

It seemed surreal at this point, everything seemed off, it’s hard to explain. I heard the scream and beep again and then from behind me I heard Viv kind of screaming, talking about a needle in her belly button. This was a Thursday, the first part of November 1975 and 2 or 3 weeks earlier we had seen the movie about Betty and Barney Hill and it bothered Viv when they put a needle in Betty’s naval.

I turned around to go to Viv and walk past my mother and there stood Ric with our .22. It’s funny that with every thing going on that picture struck me as so off. I remember thinking ‘Shooting plasma balls, scream from hell and beeping against your .22. Right". Viv was standing in the door leading to the bathroom which wasn’t very big and with all 5 of us in there it was pretty crowded.

I got past Viv into the hall and grabbed her shoulders and turned her around to face me in the hall but she just kept yelling about a needle. I remember Johnny Carson at the start of his show when I went up to the bathroom and we hadn’t been in that bathroom for more than 5 or 10 minutes so it was probably around midnight by the time I got into the hall. Remember when I said it was surreal? That was mild.

I noticed a light suddenly come on to my left and down the stairs so I took a step in that direction to see what it was and it got quite a bit brighter real quick which made me stop. I was a step or 2 from the top of the stairs and from there I could see huge square of gray light flowing up and along the stairs about half way.

In a radio interview Ric described it as liquid light which was the exact term I was thinking but I didn’t think he’d seen what it was doing because he could only see it in the mirror in the bathroom from where he was standing and that’s when I knew he saw what I I had witnessed.

The light flowed quickly up the stairs and when it got to the top of the stairs it formed a wall on the top step and then filled up to the ceiling. It was like water filling up a clear container and it was different layers of white, gray and blue and it just sat there undulating like waves about 5 feet from me. I was just dumbfounded and I think it was a second or 2 these 2 entities suddenly popped out of the light about eye level to me. The one on the left was all white with a black outline the one on the right was a negative image of the first.

Suddenly they moved about 6 inches closer. They seemed to blink out and then reappear about 6 inches closer and in a different position, not by much. I think I saw them until they were 3 feet away and then there was a blinding flash of light and everything went dark and the light was gone.

I remember Ric walking towards his room and my dad saying something about get to bed this isn’t good for the baby. Viv started following Ric and my parents brushed behind me saying they were going to bed and I just started walking towards my room.

Ric was sitting in his chair and Viv was climbing into our bed and I walked in and climbed into bed. As my head hit the pillow I looked at my clock and it said 4:30. It was one of the first digital clocks and had the big red digital numbers and that picture of that clock at 4:30 because I knew that something was very wrong but I was just going to go to sleep.

I remember saying ‘It’s 4:30’ and Ric mumbling about having to go to work and then I heard the scream all the way up the hill right behind the second lot with the pool. We’d had our house invaded, fireballs flying and for hours had what to this day by far the most terrifying thing we’ve ever heard and it’s still screaming in our yard and what do we do? Well go to sleep of course.

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