Thousand Oaks

We moved to Thousand Oaks, California at the start of 1969. My dad quit traveling at this time, I had a feeling he took a job with the company that kept him home because he didn’t want to leave my mother home alone because she created such chaos in Amarillo.

The first thing Ric and I did was refuse to take the shots and there was some problem even getting them and we quit getting sick every week.
In 1971 I walked up the hill one night to sneak a smoke and as I went outside, my parents were downstairs watching TV. I was about 16 at the time and I sat down about 20 yards up the hill. I remember lighting a cig and taking a couple of hits looking down at my cousins house to see if he was out and I suddenly felt evil. Bad.

I can’t explain but it was just as scary as those orbs. Well, I was 16 now though and was a pretty big boy so I remember standing up and throwing down the cig and then running like a scared rabbit all the way home. When I ran in the door, my dad was upstairs and my mother was finishing the dishes and I remember her asking me where I’d been but I just went upstairs,

I got really sick right after that for about a week. I hadn’t been sick in a fewf years since we quit getting those shots, not even a cold. While I was sick, I found a guitar book and got Ric’s guitar and taught myself to play. One song. ‘Dreams of the Every Day Housewife’ by Glenn Campbell. I played it all day and night, same song, I have no idea why I just needed to.

After awhile Ric started bitching at me to learn a new song and then he’d come out of his room and slam my door and then his door and turn up the music in his room. I felt bad I was disturbing him, so when I heard him go to bed I’d sit right outside his door and play as loud as I could. He voiced his displeasure but I think he secretly liked it. Who wouldn’t like a bad Glenn Campbell song played by a bad musician over and over and over? If you ever get a chance to talk to Ric ask him how he likes that song, he’ll respond. It’s been over 45 years but that wound is raw. Real Raw.

Then I wrote a song. I picked up the guitar one day and I knew a song. It was pretty good for a guy that only knew one song. To this day I can’t play it around my daughter cause she starts crying. I tried to write another song for the next 5 years with no success, but that one song was enough for my cousin to start teaching me some songs and we kind of formed a band. We stunk. So I spent the next five years playing bad guitar and my cousin sang cause I couldn’t sing at all.

One day I heard ‘The Running Man’. I was in the house alone and I got out of the shower and was drying off when I heard someone run past the bathroom door, pretty fast. The stairs went up to a bridge that connected the bedroom to the right and the master bedroom on the left with a bathroom in the middle next to the bedroom. I threw open the door, I was supposed to be alone and there was nobody there. I remember getting dressed and checking the house but I was alone.

Probably at least 6 months later I heard it again. I threw open the door and and there was nothing in the hall. I again searched the house and while I was looking around Ric came home and I told him what I had heard and he told me he had heard it from his bedroom on a couple of occasions and also in the bathroom. He was also alone in the house when he heard it in the bathroom but there were other people in the house when he heard it from his room, but they weren’t near the hall.

Ric and I actually did some tests on it it by running while the other one listened and you had to have shoes on and both doors open to duplicate the sound, but both doors were always closed. Our grandmother moved in with us in 1969. At some point her and Ric started talking about the Running Man and I talked to her about it also. When she was home alone. she’d hear someone run right up to her door. None of us heard it that often, it was usually months in between hearing it

While we were testing the particulars of The Running Man. Ric asked me if I’d seen The Face in the Window? Well no, I hadn’t.

He told me when he’d walk past the window in the hall, day or night, he would see a face in the window. He remembers it stared at him but had no other features except an outline of a face but the eyes followed him and mostly it would be gone when he came back by the window.

He tried not to look at the window most times because he didn’t want to see it, it sared him. I believed him when he told me, I knew he was seeing something so I looked out that window each time I walked past it to see if I spotted some glare or the face itself but I never saw anything.

We started hearing the "Underground Machinery" shortly after we moved to Thousand Oaks. Every so often Ric and I would hear this low industrial hum, like hundreds of industrial machines all working at once.

You could hear it from the windows in our upstairs bedrooms and if you heard it it usually went on all night. We both at times walked up to the end of the street and it seemed to be coming from under the ground

Ric came up with the theory that it was coming from the Rockedyne plant a few miles away and I remember hearing it twice from my bedroom and actually getting in my car and driving all the way around to the Rocketdyne plant (Ric went with me once), stopping every so often to listen but never heard anything but on my return I could still hear it at the house.

One day Ric sent me to an artical on the Internet about an underground tunnel system dug by the U.S. government and the map showed the tunnel going East from Los Angeles and it ran right underneath that area of Thousand Oaks.

The Santa Susana Field Laboratory is a complex of industrial research and development facilities located on a 2,668-acre portion of the Southern California Simi Hills in Simi Valley, California. If you walked up the hill from our house and headed NE this is what you’d run into.

It was used mainly for the development and testing of liquid-propellant rocket engines for the United States space program from 1949 to 2006, nuclear reactors from 1953 to 1980 and the operation of a U.S. government-sponsored liquid metals research center from 1966 to 1998.

The site is located approximately 7 miles northwest from the community of Canoga Park and approximately 30 miles northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Sage Ranch Park is adjacent on part of the northern boundary and the community of Bell Canyon along the entire southern boundary. This was the location of the first nuclear reactor meltdown.

I met Vivienne while Ric and I were working in the x-ray department at Westlake Hospital where Viv was a nurses aid. She went to Alaska to spend the summer with her father who lived there. I did what any 20 year old in love would do, I took a leave of absence and went up there, found out she was pregnant and got married.

We came back to Thousand Oaks and I’d like to tell you Viv’s mom greeted us with open arms and everybody was happy but in reality Andre (Viv’s mother) flipped out. My dad, Ric and I had talked about getting another house and when I got married he decided to get that done. but Andre stepped in and said she would not rest until that baby was aborted and the marriage was annulled.

My dad felt she was kind of dramatic about the whole thing and wanted us to move into the house until the baby was born just to be safe. So we moved into my old room and went back to work and when Ric and I got home from work me, Viv and Ric would sit in my room and talk and watch TV.

We were sitting in my room (#1 in picture below), it was probably 6 or 7 pm when Ric got up and left the room. He came back after a few minutes and told me he heard something outside. We went over to the window that overlooked the lot my dad had bought and put a pool on it. The houses stepped up the street, each one higher than the other.

They had a lot above ours, but it was too small to build on and they sold it to my dad and he put a pool on it. That lot was even with the window in my room so my window looked out on the pool. The hill behind both lots started very quickly up (steep) for about 30 feet to a small drainage ditch and then both were surrounded by a chicken wire fence we had put up to enclose both lots. Beyond that, thick, impenetrable sage brush.

We owned that land but were never able to use it. You couldn’t walk through it and the sage brush covered the entire hill south and east of the house. The fire department occasionally came and cleared a little back from the drainage ditch, but it always grew back quickly. The hill went straight up for hundreds of yards to the houses on the top of the hill, which you could neither see or hear.

When I got to the window I heard what sounded like a scream far up the hill to the side of the house (#2 in picture above). It sounded strange but I couldn’t tell what it was. It screamed a few times and and sounded like it was going farther away in the hills. We finally decided it must be some kids messing around so we went down stairs and got dinner and when we got back to the room there was no noise out in the hills.

Ric and I went out front an hour or 2 later, we’d sit at the top on the driveway on a little grassy spot that overlooked the valley below. My cousin RT would come over and we’d sit there and play guitar and this night our good friend Mark and someone else none of us remember came over to our house with RT and we all just sat there talking and playing guitar.

Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye and then I saw this blue orb probably twice the size of a basketball fly over the house and go straight to the ground about 50 feet away in the horse-field across the street. The orb was transparent and seemed to have a lot of blue streamers that looked like arching electricity that seemed to be rapidly moving around the exterior of the ball but you could see through it.

It hit the field across the street (#3 in picture above) and all the electric streamers covered the ground in the direction it had come from and seemed to flow across the ground until it disappeared over the hill down towards Erbes rd. Ric, Mark and I all saw it and said something at that moment and we didn’t really talk about it much cause the other 2 guys didn’t see anything.

I talked to Mark a couple of years ago when a friend of ours died, he’s working at a TV station in Las Vegas. Well Ric describes exactly what I saw but Mark remembers a blue, solid craft that flew over the house. He also felt it was a secret government craft of some sort but it hasn’t been publicly released.

We went back to playing guitar and 15 to 20 minutes later, this huge pine tree on the street down in the valley (Marview Drive) suddenly was fully engulfed in flames (#4 in picture above). We stood there for awhile ( I remember watching the fire truck come down Arboles and turn up Erbes down in the valley below). Eventually it was put out (the story was in the paper -News Chronicle- the next day) and they said it was an electrical transformer but the lights in all the houses around the fire never went out.

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