We moved to Irving Texas in 1962. My dad would travel around different places around Texas and I remember him talking about Sheppard Air Force Base.

Our mother got Ric and I into the car one day while my dad was gone again. We drove to a small housing tract somewhere on the outskirts of Irving. We stopped at a house, got out and went to the door where a lady about my mothes age opened the door and let us in.

We entered the living room which had no furniture and had 2 big cages which went almost to the ceiling with a boy (about Ric’s age) and a girl (a year younger?), 1 in each cage. The cages were bare except for 1 bed in each cage, no toys, furniture or clothes, in fact the whole house didn’t look like anybody lived in it but Ric and I don’t remember seeing much of the house other than the living room with the cages. There was a room the size of a dining room with your basic picnic table in it that opened off the living room.

We had been told that these were troubled kids whose father worked with my dad and we were supposed to help them by playing with them. Their parents never said a word to us and I don’t really remember them and all Ric remembers is he was scared of them.

The woman opened the cage and put Ric and I inside and locked it. The adults went and sat at the picnic table for part of the time and left us alone at others and the boy who’s cage we were locked in walks up to us, pulls out a pack of matches and asked if we wanted to burn something. Judging from the burn marks on the ceiling, this wasn’t his first rodeo. We declined as starting fires around you while locked in a steel cage doesn’t seem like the best of idea’s and there was absolutely nothing in the cage to burn except the clothes we were wearing so I’m not sure what he had in mind.

We just stood in the cage for 15-20 minutes and then Faye showed up and we got out of the cage and left and got in the car. I asked my mother why these kids were caged up and she said they both like to start fires. We said we didn’t want to go back there so of course a few days later she took us back and stuck us in the cage again. This time the boy had a pack of matches and part of a newspaper which he brought out from his pants when we were alone but we told him we’d prefer not to play fireman.

After a while, our mom got us from the cage and we left again and Ric and I told her we weren’t going back. A few weeks later my dad was at home and they showed up at our door the boy and girl in some kind of harness and each had a leash attached to them. We all sat in our living room and we grabbed some games and we sat on the floor playing while their parents each held one leash. The girl was actually saying stuff this time, the 2 times we’d been in the cage with her I don’t remember her saying a word. They stayed about a 1/2 hour and when they left we told our dad we didn’t want to play with them and we never saw them again.

We moved to Arlington the summer of 1964. We moved into this house that a friend of my dads he knew from Lackland had gotten us 2 doors down from his house. He was a Captain in the Air Force named James Hicks and worked for Project Blue Book. Captain Hicks had 3 kids our age, so we played with them some but my brother Ric and I didn’t play with them much.

This was the last street in town and across the street was a row of houses and behind that a fenced in several hundred acre farm. Our street turned into a country lane that went out of town, and in that fenced field there was about a 50 foot swath of these 15 foot trees that went for a couple of miles. All the kids in the neighborhood were told the farmer would shoot you and stay out of there, but of course we’d sneak over to play army with the Hick’s, it was really cool over there,, a mini forest.

Well we eventually got caught and boy did we get reamed, forbidden to go over there so we didn’t.
Then one day in the middle of the summer of 65 I was following my brother and we were in the forest. It was the middle of the day so it was pretty bright. I remember following Ric and we weren’t talking and suddenly it got real foggy and we took a couple more steps and it got foggier.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and about 100 feet in front of us and 3 white orbs flashed on infront of us, they weren’t huge but pretty good size.

I remember Ric yelling "The Farmer" And as I turned I saw the big light kind of drop down (they were only a few feet off the ground to begin with) and started zig zagging through the trees.
When Ric heard the bang and the lights come on he thought it was a shotgun, remember we were told the farmer would shoot us, I remember just a loud bang. Ric turned to run, but I was just standing there, he said I was just staring at the lights, mesmerized and he grabbed me by the arm and started pulling me away.

It gets kinds fuzzy here for for both of us but Ric remembers pulling me along and he remembers thinking ‘We’re not running over and over but the fog was so thick he had no idea where we were. Then suddenly we were
at the edge of the forest and you could see sunlight through the fog at the tree line. I remember looking back from the other side of the fence and not seeing any fog past the tree line and we ran home.

Within a day or 2. I got sick. Really sick. I don’t remember much but I remember being in the hospital and a bunch of doctors and then as I started getting better, they took me down the hall and my brother was in a bed under an oxygen tent. The rest is kinds fuzzy but we eventually both got out and were home.
A couple of weeks later my mother loaded us into the car and we went to this place and they put Ric and I on 2 tables and placed over 70 drops of different liquids on our back and then proceeded to take this razor like tool and cut each drop into our backs. The pain was incredible.

A week later we went back and they examined our backs. A couple of weeks after that, they put 70 more drops in between the wounds of the 1st 50 and cut those into our back.

This was all the summer of 65, and it was almost over when Ric suddenly became an artist. I don’t remember him having an interest in drawing, but he started begging my mom for colors pencils and such. She got us both this big art set and I soon discovered I’m in the running for worst artist in the world but Ric was suddenly drawing and painting really well. He never really pursued it, but he’s really good to this day. I still really suck.

I suddenly was a real good athlete. Now that could be my body just coming of age, I get that, but I became obsessed with and playing organized sports and did it pretty much daily from then to my 30’s.

While living in Arlington, my dad suddenly had to go away for work out of state so we moved to Springfield Missouri for about 6 months to our grandparents (my mothers parents) farm leaving our house and stuff and even taking our dog (Major). We spent every summer there at least a couple of weeks (sometimes a month or 2 ) every year.

I have a memory of being in the living-room of my grandparents home and I could see my grandfather sitting in his chair and somebody else sitting in another chair and a very powerful strobe like effect going off in the room. I remember turning to my right and facing my great grandmothers room and on the other side of the room she had a double door that opened to the back and the doors were wide open. About 20 feet out in the backyard was a large white, pulsing light and the shadow of a 4 or 5 year old kid standing at the door, facing the light. Suddenly everything was back to normal and I remember I kept thinking ‘5 minutes’.

I have no other witnesses to this even so I have alway just kind of ignored it but it’s a strong memory and feels real to me.

Our mother, Ric and I moved back to our house to get ready for school to start before mi dad got back and my mother started taking us to this little white building in a huge complex where Ric and I started getting weekly shots which made us sick for a day when we got them. Both of us got sick for a day or 2 each time we got a shot. Not real sick just annoying sick.

Suddenly we had a new person in our life. Somebody who was away with my dad had a wife who my mother befriended. After hanging out with my mother for awhile, she suddenly had people trying to break in and stalking her. She ended up moving in with us for a couple of months.

My dad finally came back at the end of 1966 and we immediately moved to Amarillo. He was always gone at this time also, I remember seeing him on a security badge for Sheppard Field in Wichita Falls, TX. Once we moved to Amarillo my mother started taking us to this place with a guarded gate on it that we had a sticker in our windshield to get through. I remember it had a commissary that we used to stop at occasionally. I also remember swimming in a covered pool that was the biggest pool I’ve ever seen. We’d drive through the complex to a building where we would get our weekly shots.


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