This is a story about several episodes that happened to myself, my brother Ric and several of our family members over the last 60 years or so. This website isn’t meant to convince anybody it happened, my family and kids know what happened what anybody else thinks really doesn’t matter.

No, this website will hopefully get us some information because we’re sure many others have heard "The Critter", but the so called UFO and Paranormal Communities have no intrest in what this is.

After you get done reading this website, you’ll know if you have a story to tell us, just hit the contact button on this website and get in touch with us.

My father (Jim) was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1930, the youngest by at least 18 years of 6 brothers and sisters. He went to the University of Minnesota and when the Korean War started he ended up in the Air Force as a jet mechanic and then a radar operator. He married my mother (Faye) in 1954, they had met through my soon to be uncle Elston (Faye’s brother, my dad’s buddy in the Air Force) and Jim and Elston went to work for Honeywell and then Burroughs.

My brother(Ric) and I have done several radio interviews and because of those I received 2 emails and 1 phone call telling me Burroughs did secret work for the government but I’ve never run across any information that even hinted in that direction.

I was born in 1955, Ric the year after that Burroughs started moving us all over the country, Pasadena, Kansas City. Glendale CA and we ended up in San Antonio TX in 1958. The only memory I have of San Antonio is a big sign saying Lackland and this was the place my dad was working at. We talked about this several years later and he told me he only took me. In all my years of studying the paranormal quite often the person relating the story lived in San Antonio. The story usually didn’t occur in San Antonio, they just lived in the town when they were younger.

We moved to Las Cruces New Mexico in 1960. My dad was working at The White Sands Missile Base This was where the pattern started that my Dad was always gone for weeks working.

The first strange thing that Ric and I remember was one day, my dad threw Ric & I into the car and took off. It seemed like we drove for hours on this 2 lane road through miles and miles of nothing desert. Finally he pulled off on this little dirt road with a gate, got out , unlocked the gate, drove through then shut the gate.

We drove down this dirt road for a little bit and came to this little white building in the middle of nowhere. We stopped , he got us out and we went to a little door in the building. Seated at a desk was a guy

in uniform with a rifle next to him. His helmet had a big SP on it and he seemed to know my dad and reached under the desk and this door slid open and there was an elevator.

We didn’t go down very far, and the door opened and we were in a MASSIVE room filled with computers. They were old tape machines and there were hundreds, all running. My dad told us we could walk around in this little area while he was working on an old punch-card machine fed by the computers.

Ric and I remember walking around. Ric described it as this :

"There were rows and rows of those tape machines, it appeared the place was huge and they went on forever but we were little so it probably wasn’t as big as it appeared but it was big and there were guys in suits and military people going up and down the isles with carts collecting punch cards and green and white stripped paper."

"There was a glass control room right when we came in from the elevator and the place was spotless, the floors were shiny and it was like hospital clean"

Ric and I shared a room in Las Cruces and we each had a twin bed. One night a few days after visiting the computer room, I woke up in the middle night and I couldn’t move. I sensed something over by Ric’s bed but I couldn’t move my head to look.

I remember I moved my eyes to the left and there was a big white square on the wall where the moon was shining in I asumed and there was the shadow of a blob (I don;t know what else to call it) that then morphed into the silhouette of a large black cat. The cat didn’t move. it was like it was frozen in place.

I don’t know how long I stared at but it was just seconds and then I remember yelling. My mom came in and the cat shadow disappeared. After talking to me for a minute she made me get back in bed and then left. I pulled the covers over my head and eventually got the nerve to look at the wall but there was nothing there, it looked like the moon had set but it had only been a few minutes